Popeyes Chicken MenuPopeyes Price Menu

Popeyes Price Menu

Popeyes Price Menu

Popeye’s price menu is provided here with all the details of the items. Popeyes is the right choice if you are looking for fried chicken or seafood. Popeyes started with the idea of a small restaurant in the US, but now it is one of the top restaurants in the world.

The famous dishes of Popeyes are fried chicken, bonafide chicken, and some seafood. Bonafide Chicken, which is one of their signature dishes, is famous all around the world.

Popeyes Price Menu
Popeyes Price Menu

Popeyes sauces are one of the newly added items on the Popeyes Menu. One of the best sauces is Sweet Heat, comprising sauce and peppers with honey dipping. The other Popeyes sauces you can try are Blackened Ranch and Bayou Buffalo. Still, the choice of sauce depends on your preferences and how much you eat spicy foods.

Popeyes serves various famous drinks, including Lemonade and Hawaiian Punch. Popeyes drink menu also serves other brands of beverages to quench your thirst. The best thing about the restaurant is its Popeyes menu nutrition, and the restaurant promises to deliver quality nutrition foods for the consumers.

Popeyes Price Menu keeps changing due to chains of restaurants that include new food trends. You can order your desired dish from the below Popeyes menu 2023, which is affordable.

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Chicken Combos Price Menu

popeyes menu nutrition
popeyes menu nutrition
Bonafide Chicken – Dinner

2 Pc$5.29

Bonafide Chicken – Dinner

3 Pc$6.49

Bonafide Chicken – Dinner

4 Pc$7.69

Wings – Dinner

3 Pc$6.49

Bonafide Chicken – Combo

2 Pc$6.79

Bonafide Chicken – Combo

3 Pc$7.99

Bonafide Chicken – Combo

4 Pc$9.19

Wings – Combo

3 Pc$7.99

Bonafide Chicken Mixed – 5 Biscuits & 2 Large Sides (Available for Limited Time)

11 Pc$21.99

Tender Combos Price Menu

popeyes drink menu
popeyes drink menu
Tenders – Dinner

3 Pc$5.79

Tenders – Dinner

5 Pc$7.79

Chicken Po’Boy – DinnerN/A$4.99

Tenders – Combo3 Pc$7.29

Tenders – Combo5 Pc$9.29

Chicken Po’Boy – Combo


Family Meals Price Menu

popeyes sauces
popeyes sauces

8 Pc$12.99


12 Pc$18.99


16 Pc$22.99

Chicken Meal (1 Side and 4 Biscuits)8 Pc$17.99

Chicken Meal (2 Side and 6 Biscuits)12 Pc$27.99

Chicken Meal (3 Side and 8 Biscuits)16 Pc$37.99

Sandwiches & Wraps Price Menu

Loaded Chicken Wrap$1.99
Chicken Po’Boy$3.99
Shrimp Po’Boy$4.19
Loaded Chicken Wrap – Combo$4.99
Chicken Po’Boy – Combo$6.49

Signature Sides Price Menu

popeyes sides
popeyes sides
Red Beans & RiceRegular$1.79

Mashed Potatoes with Cajun GravyRegular$1.79

Cole SlawRegular$1.79

Cajun FriesRegular$1.79

Green BeansRegular$1.79

Frequently Asked Questions About Popeyes

Does Popeyes cajun rice have pork in it?

Some of the foods of Popeyes may seem vegetarian, but they contain meat at the core. If you are a vegetarian, cajun rice is not the right choice. Because it includes meat and is mixed with pork fat.

Where to buy Popeyes gravy?

Popeyes Cajun Gravy has a fantastic taste of chicken and mashed tomatoes. Popeyes gravy contains cumin (a name of a spice). You can get special gravy from Popeyes restaurant branch near you.

How much does a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich cost?

A Popeyes Chicken Sandwich typically varies by location, but it’s usually around $3.99 to $4.99 for the sandwich alone. Combo meals, which include a sandwich, a side, and a drink, may cost around $7.99 to $8.99.

What is the price of a Popeyes 2-piece chicken combo?

A 2-piece chicken combo at Popeyes ranges from $5.99 to $7.99, depending on the location and ongoing promotions. This combo usually includes two chicken pieces, a side dish, and a biscuit.

How much do Popeye’s sides cost individually?

Individual prices for Popeyes sides vary, but as of my last update in September 2021, you can expect to pay around $2.49 to $3.99 for a single side item like Cajun fries, red beans, rice, or coleslaw.

What is the price of a Popeyes family meal?

Popeyes offers a variety of family meal options, and prices depend on the specific meal and location. A Popeyes family meal may range from $20 to $30. These meals typically include a combination of chicken pieces, sides, and biscuits, serving 4-8 people.

How much is a Popeyes combo with a drink and a biscuit?

The price of a combo meal with a drink and a biscuit at Popeyes can vary by location. As of my last update, it typically ranged from $5.99 to $7.99 for a basic combo with a chicken item, a side, a biscuit, and a drink. Prices may have changed since then.

Does Popeyes offer any value menu items?

Yes, Popeyes has a value menu with items priced at lower rates. The items on the value menu may include smaller portions of chicken or individual side items, usually priced at $1.99 to $2.99 each. Keep in mind that availability and pricing may vary by location.

What are Popeye’s specials?

Popeyes is best known for its fried chicken and Bonafide chicken. But its seafood menu and fries are also getting popular in the US due to their immense following, which is for a good reason. Bonafide Chicken is spicy and juicy. You will love it if you are a spicy food lover.

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