popeyes Full menu 2021
popeyes Full menu 2021
popeyes Full menu 2021

popeyes Full menu 2021

Before we head to Popeye’s full menu, let’s have a look at a bit of their history. It will better explain why we choose this topic to discuss. In the end, you can find the most commonly asked questions.

Well, to begin with, in 1973 a fast-food chain came into being in New Orleans, Louisiana. It all began with a small restaurant in town and now they have multiple chains all over the country.

Popeye’s full menu has every item to satisfy a foodie’s taste bud. In their menu you will find:

Chicken Sandwich Signature Chicken Tenders & Wings Sea Food
Sides Beverages Desserts Kids Meal


Chicken Sandwich

The classical chicken sandwich at Popeye’s is one healthy mouth-watering quick diet for people needing something light in the evening or breakfast. The sandwich has all-white tender chicken breast fillet which is marinated in a special blend of Louisiana’s seasonings. The chef further hand batter and bread out the buttermilk coating. The company serves this sandwich with barrel cured pickles with a choice of spicy or classic mayonnaise placed on a special toasted buttery brioche bun.

Signature Chicken

This signature chicken takes or say is kept marinated for no less than 12 hours! Not only this, it has executive bold Louisiana flavor. Imagine how much of the total chicken this chain keeps every day for 12 hours or more!

Tenders & Wings

Tenders: The rundown about Popeye’s tenders is they marinate the chicken piece with their secret special seasoning. Their seasoning has a unique aroma that is bliss for the nose as well and no wonder why we see queues at every chain of theirs. The story does not end here, after done marinated, the tender chicken is wrapped with a hot buttery biscuit which is also one of their signature sides.

Boneless Wings: Order boneless wings and enjoy a plate with seven pieces altogether. All seven are rich in taste and are of white meat boneless. The juicy white meat boneless wings are too wrapped with hot buttery biscuit and Popeye’s signature side.

Sea Food

Popeye fully understands the taste diversity of the people of New Orleans, and so satisfy everyone they also have a seafood corner. So yes if one is not into the chicken, their seafood is of the same competition. Here, you will find crispy and tender popcorn shrimp cooked with seasoned Louisiana herbs and varied spices. They have a special way of serving shrimp. The crispy popcorn shrimp is then served with exclusive Southern-style breading. So, let’s pair the shrimp with a signature side and their very own hot buttery biscuit.


The sides section has the following items:

  • Cajun Fries
  • Mashed Potato with Gravy
  • Biscuits
  • Red Beans and Rice
  • Coleslaw
  • Cajun Rice
  • Green beans


There is a variety of beverages. Just pick the chilled cold-drink you want to have with your meal


The dessert menu has cinnamon apple pie. It is served warm with a crispy crust on the outside and hot cinnamon apple goodness inside.

Kids Meal

To please little beings as well, Popeye has special favorite characters promotional deals at their place. Last year they sponsored Angry Birds on various kids’ meal boxes and also placed a surprise egg with each kids’ meal.


  • What are Popeye’s Sides?

Popeye’s sides are in variety. You can choose from Cajun rice to Cajun fries. There is special mashed potato with gravy and also biscuits. You can also have green beans.

  • Is Popeye’s chicken spicy?

They have both classic and spicy chicken tender. You have a choice according to your taste bud. So yes they are spicy and also non-spicy items.

  • What do you order at Popeye?

You can buy desserts, signature chicken, tender, beverages, and even meals for kids.






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