Popeyes Chicken Menu Prices

Popeyes Chicken Menu Prices

Popeyes Chicken menu prices are given below. Popeyes is a fast-food restaurant/brand in the United States of America. This restaurant provides us with fried chicken services.

There is also a huge variety of side things on the menu, such as coleslaw, chicken sandwiches, Signature Chicken, Tenders & Wings, kinds of seafood, chicken Kids Meals, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, fried okra, and honey butter biscuits.

This food is said to be handmade from scratch. Every piece of chicken is hand-battered. These are drizzled with delicious honey butter and obeyed fresh from the oven. This food is made in small batches daily to ensure it is hot and fresh.

popeyes menu prices 2019
Popeyes menu prices 2019

The chain of Popeyes chicken menu prices has grown amazingly throughout the United States and the world. It has also undergone various changes, including new images and looks, new products, and new marketing, to name a few.

According to many of the fans of the place, Popeyes Chicken menu provides the best chicken worldwide. Apart from serving great chicken, the connection is also very productive in its community by supporting neighborhood programs.

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popeyes chicken sandwich combo price
Popeyes chicken sandwich combo price

Here we listed the Popeyes chicken menu price, popeyes chicken sandwich price, popeyes chicken sandwich combo price, popeyes chicken sandwich combo price, and Popeyes chicken sandwiches menu prices; chicken_fingers are given below in the chart, which you can consider before going to the restaurant or ordering online.

popeyes chicken sandwich price
popeyes chicken sandwich price

You can check the popeyes menu 2023 official site, check the latest and current menu price & compare it with our menu price cause restaurant can change their price anytime, so sometime, it may be little variations in price which are listed here and in the actual.

Here we will share the Popeyes menu list, quantity, and prices to easily decide what you want to order before heading out for me.

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popeyes menu 2020
popeyes menu 2020


Chicken combosCombos2 (Pcs)$6.99
Chicken combosCombos3 (Pcs)$7.99
Chicken combosCombos4 (Pcs)$8.99
Chicken combosCombos3 (Pcs)$7.49
popeyes chicken sandwiches menu
popeyes chicken sandwiches menu

For Dinner

Chicken DinnerDinner2 (Pcs)$5.99
Chicken DinnerDinner3 (Pcs)$6.99
Chicken DinnerDinner4 (Pcs)$7.99
Chicken DinnerDinner3 (Pcs)$6.49

Popeyes Chicken Menu TENDER PRICES

Tender combosTender3 (Pcs)$7.99
Tender combosTender5 (Pcs)$8.99
Tender combosTender2 (Pcs)$5.99
Tender NuggetsNuggets9 (Pcs)$6.49

popeyes amarillo menu

For Dinner

Tender combosDinner3 (Pcs)$6.29
Tender combosDinner5 (Pcs)$7.99
Tender combosDinner4 (Pcs)$4.99
Tender NuggetsDinner9 (Pcs)$5.69

Popeyes Chicken Menu Hot Wings

Express Hot Wings25 (Pcs)$17.99
Express Hot Wings16 (Pcs)$12.49
Express Hot Wings6 (Pcs)$4.99
Express Hot Wings (Dinner)6 (Pcs)$6.99

popeyes joplin menu
popeyes Joplin menu

Popeyes Chicken menu Livers/Gizzards, Gravy & Biscuit

Livers – Dinners6 (Pcs)$5.99
Livers12 (Pcs)$5.99
Gizzards – Dinners9 (Pcs)$5.99
Gizzards9 (Pcs)$3.59
Gizzards18 (Pcs)$5.99
Livers6 (Pcs)$3.59

FAQS About Popeyes Menu

Do Popeyes still have the four pieces of chicken for $5?

For $10, youreceive four pieces of friedchicken or sixchicken tenders, plus two sides, two biscuits, and two cinnamon apple pies. It included two pieces of fried chickenor threechicken tenders, plus a side & biscuit for $5, so for the new deal, you get two$5Boxes plus two pies.

How to get free Popeyes?

Popeyes is furtheroffering its customersfree chicken deals. The fast-foodchain isgiving away its famous chicken sandwich from Sunday, January 19.

What are Popeyes chicken tenders made of?

Tendersaremade up of the pectoralis tenderloin of the bird. In distinction, tenders simplified at a New Hampshire diner in the 1970s — come from a particular part of a chicken: the pectoralis secondary muscle, the tenderloin.

What are Popeye’s specials?

Popeyes Offers $5, $10 & $20 Chicken Deals. Popeyes Menu runs limited-time advertising where you can get $5, $10, and $20 mixed chicken deals at participating locations.

Does Popeyes use real chicken?

Yes, they use real farming chicken in food items.

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